Tuesday, June 22, 2010

-Some Universal Truth-

I like to sit at home in my French castle and invade the internet in this moment.
The sun never sets here in Paris it seems.
This universe chart cam and i found in the 18eme (of course).
Its pretty interestesting, maybe even more so if you know French.
As is the Horoscope i found for tomorrow.
Even wroted it quoted it blackberry photoed it uploaded it copyed it and put it here because it has good message in it for anyone.
Whatever if you dont believe it.
I am mega jamming to BangGang 12Inches album which i paid 30 Oz bucks for and dowloaded legally on itunes because its that. damn. good.
You can have a party in your house/room/country if you turn it up.
Welcome to my world. (Planet Earth)
Paris is definately 2nd fav city to Sydney. Maybe even even stevens.

?????????????! YEP.



  1. Carta
    I just arrived in the 18th ( of course )
    ping me, have a day off today


  2. i wish i lived in paris so jealous!