Monday, January 31, 2011


Cara stricker thank you for reminding me of this phrase.
What do you punch into your skin?
So much excrutiating pain about love that the needle actually feels like nothing even compared to an acupuncture needle.
Not even.
Nothings even, nothings perfect and nothing makes sense. But in the same sense everything does.
Inspiration comes from everywhere but most of mine comes from love. And what a bitch love is. It makes you do stupid things, but also the most amazing things. Supposedly your supposed to be smart about it and go on about your life whilst you ride the rollercoaster. Not always easy, love is the excuse? Life is the excuse.
What's the point of a tattoo.. It is a point that's what it is. Its a point in time and a symbol of your point in that time in life done in your own form of "drawing". Permanent drawing.
Alcohol is a drug they say but I say love is the drug and it is the most harmful and the most addictive one EVER.
It comes in many forms yes. But you know the one I'm talking about. So intense it has more depth the the most pixilated form that can possibly be made of the most super duper kaleidoscope to exist.
So cheers to that and I shall shut my dark eyes and dream to seeing you soon.
"Princess"- says
Hello to February. Now 11 has definately begun.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Find out what it means to me.
Turn it up Connie.
U can turn around.
Any crownd.

Princess crown
Right way round
I have found
A new partner in crime

Connie (the voice of sneaky sound system) got up on stage local in Bondi and rocked the house down with her version of RESPECT.
Best song I've heard all day all the way!
And now its Sunday...
1nce again but never the same as the last sunday is it.
The Hessy Show, coming soon to a view nr u.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The magic #

My mum saw Grinderman play the other night.
This is the pic she sent me. Go cazzo.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Italians do it better?
I have never seen so many australian flags symbols turned into shirts, capes, tattoos and + stuck onto almost every person down in bondi.
People walking around with massive blow up haviana thongs attatched to the backs. Crazy.
"Am I seeing double"
Something was doubled and multiplied by hundreds when the record was broken in the ocean my the joined floating people making a record breaking H!
For some reason I felt it was appropriate to wear my I love paris t shirt, for reasons I cannot explain in english.
Hose downs were so necessary in that heat as soon as the fog lifted. As was a few jump ins at the beach for some intermissions. I guess there's only 5 words left to say, which seemd to be the theme for the day...
"Green is weirder than blue"
It doesn't make sense perhaps to you but I guess u had to be there. It is true though and stranger things have happened.
A tout suite. Happy 27th jan.
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Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is born to a new owner a vintage 88 blue mercedes. Vintage mercedes have always been my favourite. Funny that. So we cruised for a bit...

Turned into some serious bike talk...

Then, not long after, I had the pleasure of setting my eyes on this next ride, my jaw dropped just enough to say OH MY GOD.
No we don't mess around that's for sure.
An immaculate white beach cruiser. Basket on the back. Amazing style AND a motor to GO FAST.
This is what I am going to be cruising down bondi on VERY soon. Cheers mate what a find.
"Eastern moped components"
Magnificent monday #wow X

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ust another manic monday.
I wish it was sunday
That's my fun day
But so is every day.

Ms/G's. No MSG
What a tease
Rollin speed
In hot wheels

Down the road
To hugos?
Sneaky sunday
Sneaky monday

Eat a burger
You'll go further
Like a machine
But not as lean

Who's free?
Wasn't me.
Meant to be

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Made by legends. Get informed. X
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Illegality @ Its Finest

Shooting on location in some crazy art warehouse, with my fav Vassalo, I come across this "half car with a barbeque under the bonnet". Genius. The whole studio was full of surprises and I got to wear some Ksubi sunnies MY way.
Proceeding a much "illegal wednesday"
Strolling down the boardwalk noticing the full moon behind the clouds was a sure sign that the wicked is not down for anything that is half fun.
Semi hot semi not today sure was a heat marathon and Fernando Frissoni makes some mad cowgirl leather.
Just keep rolling baby. Summertime is prime and the sun it does shine. Trampolines on the beach barefoot and brave, too many words on how to behave. Maybe its time to get the video camera out, because there is too much going on not to be documenting lifes treasure. After all there's a good reason to kick it when u got somethin to bring to the table. Make a u turn on the harbour bridge. Talking in code -autopilot mode.
Boom shake shake shake the room. Goons of doom ill be back soon.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011



Just Another Day At The Beach++

Tamarama. 7.30am Monday.
Crater induced injuries don't stop me from hitting these waves.
How many mtv classic countdown songs can u sing along to while drumming the bar to the point of breaking your favourite ring and trying on series of headgear. Probably about a hundred.
We still don't know what Number 1 was though.
To be continued...
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Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I never thought my wish for an island to go to would evolve so soon.
This one is a start. Julian tobias has created some genius in the form of a floating barge on the sydney waters, not far from Rose Bay.
Saturday the 8th of January was quite a spectacle there. The celebration of Jaz Daly and Josh Goots birthdays. Two of the biggest legends I know.
Plus quite a few others to participate in the celebratory action. Full colour displays going off.
Turn it up time.
Coconuts with rum! Jump in if you get too hot.
Next can we take over the island that the island is parked near? Hope so!
Sydney is my favourite city in the world. Love love love.
Thank you michael azzolini for that cheek. Olly for being a freek. Queeny for rocking up with Saville in 100% Ksubi after being in sydney for just over a week.

2. "Turn it up". Heard enough of that one yet? Nope.
Cheers pauly.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does...

The collaboration of four geniuses at the Norfolk produce?
1.1.11 @ Icebergs was Epic.
Photos by Hermiony + Mikey P