Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Make it 10.

Going through my suitcase/wardrobe recently in London, I came to realisation of my appreciation that has stayed true to more than a few particular fellow Australian's designs. Through all the years I've spent working in fashion in Oz, and representing it, these guys have continued to renew and reinvent with quality and uniqueness that youll want to keep around forever. Something good is definately going on in the water down under.

Kitty Grace:
Previously designer of "Illionaire", Kat invents the sexiest silhouette possible for women. With outrageously feminine colours and cuts, you wont be looking for the perfect little black dress any longer.

 A.T.G. Women:
I first discovered this emerging label by Nikki Penny when i shot her lookbook and was amazed at the originality and daringness of her direction. Wetsuit materials, sporty leather, sheer red pants, sexy bandeus and cool jackets all in one collection. These are stand-out peices and i get comments from all stylish vixen types every time i rock any of them.

Crystal and metal jewellry at its original finest in my opinion. So eclectic and unique it has you drooling at first sight. Latest campaign features Dree Hemmingway.
 Romance Was Born: If my imagination exploded into clothing i think it would create something along the lines of what these guys do. Futuristic animalistic psychadelic craze of prints and combinations that are most definately eye catching to say the least. The printed jumpsuits are a favourite on stage for Sneaky Sound System super spunk Connie Mitchell too.

Ten Peices: A little under the radar, connesuers Maurice Terzini and Ian Nessick have created 3 ranges now of each Ten Peices. Colour blocking using mostly blacks and greys, its all about the quality and cut here. Slight Comme influences, using the finest italian cottons and jersey its super schmick, the trousers with braces are a unisex winner.
Josh Goot: Long- time favourite from the beginning of the perfect jersey tanks. Goot is continuously evolving his collections, working with moulding the silhoutte of the body, great cuts and fabrics, and unique prints. Perfect for basic peices and stand-out sleek sophistication.
Graz Eyewear: What a legend this guy is in the frame department. He used to work his magic @ Ksubi and now hes working a whole lot more. Chunky fantastic combos with fellow designer Ellery, ranging down to the finest lightest sleek designs you could possibly flatter your face with.
Chronicles of Never: Worn in everyday quality goods. The mens jeans are great, so is the leather, and the shades too. Basic customised tees, original boots, great streetwear.
Nathan Smith: This guys minimalist peices are still a staple in my suitcase going on 4 years. Perfect tees, simple dresses, comfy pants, neutral colours, nice feeling cotton and jerseys. Chuck it on like its nothing but chic. So good.
Ksubi: Favourite for a long time. Ksubi rules the cool. Customised denim available. Kings of denims, streetwear creating almost their own genre. Cool sunnies, fun colours, funny prints, always something to add to your collection in any season. My favs are still the one-off laser print jeans in found in a sale, done by Mikey Nolan.
Keep up the good work guys! And if you dont know, now you know.
Love from London.

Friday, July 20, 2012


 So, Ive started contributing to one of my favs, the YOLO website
Curated by some more of my more faves: Angus (sneakysoundsystem) Maurice (Icebergs/northbondi/neildavenue+ sydney) and Dan (Ksubi+)
Check out my first published "London Wellness" guide here:


Enjoy, check out the rest of the site,  and look out for more!

Y-O-L-O xxx

M E L T!

Well, it wasnt Melting weather in Berlin. However we sure did melt into Melt Festival 2012!!
Riton smashed it up mega style- with guest appearance by Gaslampkiller
Industrial surroundings and banging tunes boom boom see you soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My boy got a new toy

6 Month Anniversary Skate Celebrations!!! London Town.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here are 5 smashing liquid concoctions we have devised in the Carta/Riton house. To wake you up/get out of bed for/blow your mind and health to new levels... Put on some MIA and get dancing... JUICES- THE RITON GREEN: 2 limes 2-3 green apples 4 stalks of celery !/2 a large cucumber Juice them all and consume immidiately when all the nutrients still dont know whats hit them Serves 2 THE CARTA TWIST: 4 carrots Half a ginger 1/3-1/2 pineapple Dash of lemon Juice them all the consume immidiately. Serves 2 POWER SMOOTHIES- THE ORIGINAL RITON: (Orginally from our neighbour, Micky Moonlights recipe) 2 dates 1-2 bananas large handful of cashews large spoon of cocao powder coconut water filled to over half way in the blender jug Put it all in the blender and blend your heart out and the heart out of those nuts. Boom. Consume. Nutritious and delicious. Serves 2 THE SUPER CARTA: 1-2 cups of frozen berries 1 spoon cacao powder 1 banana 1 tablespoon natural probiotic yoghurt A scoop to two of your choice of protein/superfood/liver tonic powder (optional) 1 spoon of LSA mix (optional) Dash of stevia (honey/date syrup if you wish) Coconut water to fill jug over half way BLend blend blend- then blend a touche more. Consume and feel your body smile m8. THE ULTIMATE PRE BEVERAGE SHOT- Juice some ginger- To the amount of a small or Large shot. Add a dash or lemon or cayenne pepper if you daring. Smash this down followed by any of the above. Or a cup of tea/water/coffee/juice/nothing. IT IS SURE TO SEND AN ENERGETIC FIRE THROUGH YOUR BODY TRUST ME. Very good for digestion and circulation too :) All of the above have great benefits for your health and you dont even need to chew. It gets straight to the point. Pretend to chew if you would like extra enzymes with it... It doesnt take much to stock up your fridge with these ingredients/having one of any of the above once a day is sure to bring benefits to you no matter what your lifestyle may be. "Encrypting coding and i put it in your lap top" Peace + Love CARTA xxx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Im EXploding for VIVID 2012

Film shot by Daniel Askill
Using the stucture of my body
For Vivid Festival Sydney 2012

*Whoa *Boom

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Whats Gucci? Lego.

L.A. Is like one big greasy saucepan of sunsets
Crisp air its winter but the sun is shining every day
Sydney the summers makin it rain

Unami Burger. In- and- Out.
Rollin with the top down we who shout
Im in my other car gettin in my other car
Everything is real far
Google maps on the radar

Got the hills that go for mills
Got the studio where we chill
Makin beats rolling sheets
Garage door. rolled up in the morn
The suns at the door
Shades 4 sure. Break the law.
We want more
And all we know is Love Rules.
105.9 rhymes fine
93.5 stay live

Photos all taken by me @palm springs/hollywood hills and LA surrounds

Thursday, February 9, 2012




Sunday, January 15, 2012

1nce in a lifetime..... 2012.

You may find yourself.... On the best vacation ever....
All the way Byron Bay!
A team gettin mean
We all scream for ice-cream
Live the dream

Bring on scene


And ++ le volume xx