Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle+ Wifey

Enter london
Meet my wife miss McNeil at home
She chops a bob it could not rock more
Axle rocks at 02 stadium we munch on his corn chips and salsa and decide at concerts champagne shall be drunk out of beer cups
The gypsy den is looking better than ever leather bean bags are the bomb
Cats are weird but they are also ninjas and this we are nothing less than
Oh how we miss out Becka diamond and gypsy come over here why don't you!

It's all downhill from here baby
What us it about london that makes me want to wear the marant leather, mens jumpers and be just that bit punky all of a sudden?
The mojo baby
Nobu doesn't open till 6pm here incase your wondering and apparently kittens come in twos
Love my agency here Tess and wouldn't wanna be anywhere else right now

Miss my homies around the world!!!

But I do have to say london rocks.
No Internet included.