Tuesday, November 30, 2010


""Does it snow in heaven?
or is there sunshine?
If i cant sleep usually it is for a very particular reason, which sometimes i do not find out until later on. Bit of ESP going on. Bit of peace of mind to at least find that out and confirm it.

In that compartment of fragment. They say curiosity killed the cat. Just when you think the world is so dark in every possible depth of element that it could engulf you, it decides to say hi again. "The normal" has to be Converted back into what seems negative 2d version of the hallucinogenic dramatic continuous mind views that just really i cannot help but almost slash with intuition.

seems so hard though because there arent many with this perspective perhaps and its all learning baby. Here comes the sun little darling ....

And REALLY... For the Northern Hemisphere, particularly London here... UGG boots, they are for inside the house and MAYBE MAYBE running down to the corner store IF you are wearing trakkies ALSO no? Definately not for all-day-wear-on-the-tube-and-to-work-and-shopping-and-then-to-wherever-else-you-may-go-after-they-are-all-soggy-and-wet-by-the-snow. They do make really cool wellies with really warm inside that almost look chanel/like for probably the same cost kids!!!
--courtesy of my friend slash edward scissorhands carl reeves

(or at least wear them with ksubis)



ps there was no reason for those quotation marks i just wrote it all wasnt really thinking

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