Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh yeah? eleven.

Haven't written in a while
Well that aint my Style
But it just maybe
Your name aint baby

Whatever to the max
Am pretty worn and born
She said cartacorpse
And its gonna be
The dead -reborn

But whenever times are tough
And u gotta deal witha rockn roll
Just pass the dutchy to the left hand side
On the rollercoaster we must ride
It aint no game of slipnslide
No, this my friend is called

For thou shall enter another year
With core and eager intentions clear
Of what is certain it is definately not stated
But could be checked out by the dated

Cats swords and rants and raves
Go and catch some frikkin waves
Those waves are there and won't stop rollin
So hear me ROAR with it!
Fallin Schmallin paint it ninja.
And get a weapon of choice up ya sleeve its gonna be a big 1!
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