Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Whats Gucci? Lego.

L.A. Is like one big greasy saucepan of sunsets
Crisp air its winter but the sun is shining every day
Sydney the summers makin it rain

Unami Burger. In- and- Out.
Rollin with the top down we who shout
Im in my other car gettin in my other car
Everything is real far
Google maps on the radar

Got the hills that go for mills
Got the studio where we chill
Makin beats rolling sheets
Garage door. rolled up in the morn
The suns at the door
Shades 4 sure. Break the law.
We want more
And all we know is Love Rules.
105.9 rhymes fine
93.5 stay live

Photos all taken by me @palm springs/hollywood hills and LA surrounds

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