Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here are 5 smashing liquid concoctions we have devised in the Carta/Riton house. To wake you up/get out of bed for/blow your mind and health to new levels... Put on some MIA and get dancing... JUICES- THE RITON GREEN: 2 limes 2-3 green apples 4 stalks of celery !/2 a large cucumber Juice them all and consume immidiately when all the nutrients still dont know whats hit them Serves 2 THE CARTA TWIST: 4 carrots Half a ginger 1/3-1/2 pineapple Dash of lemon Juice them all the consume immidiately. Serves 2 POWER SMOOTHIES- THE ORIGINAL RITON: (Orginally from our neighbour, Micky Moonlights recipe) 2 dates 1-2 bananas large handful of cashews large spoon of cocao powder coconut water filled to over half way in the blender jug Put it all in the blender and blend your heart out and the heart out of those nuts. Boom. Consume. Nutritious and delicious. Serves 2 THE SUPER CARTA: 1-2 cups of frozen berries 1 spoon cacao powder 1 banana 1 tablespoon natural probiotic yoghurt A scoop to two of your choice of protein/superfood/liver tonic powder (optional) 1 spoon of LSA mix (optional) Dash of stevia (honey/date syrup if you wish) Coconut water to fill jug over half way BLend blend blend- then blend a touche more. Consume and feel your body smile m8. THE ULTIMATE PRE BEVERAGE SHOT- Juice some ginger- To the amount of a small or Large shot. Add a dash or lemon or cayenne pepper if you daring. Smash this down followed by any of the above. Or a cup of tea/water/coffee/juice/nothing. IT IS SURE TO SEND AN ENERGETIC FIRE THROUGH YOUR BODY TRUST ME. Very good for digestion and circulation too :) All of the above have great benefits for your health and you dont even need to chew. It gets straight to the point. Pretend to chew if you would like extra enzymes with it... It doesnt take much to stock up your fridge with these ingredients/having one of any of the above once a day is sure to bring benefits to you no matter what your lifestyle may be. "Encrypting coding and i put it in your lap top" Peace + Love CARTA xxx

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