Saturday, July 24, 2010

--For Interest Sake--

Since alot of people ask c/o pony ryder- i will give you a run down of some of the many general tools I have found of use...

- Body Brush- Good for circulation
- Organic rose hip oil- flights and antiaging- good for marks- good on face for flights
- Christine chin/ dermalogica skincare/ visit to Clear Skin Clinic when in sydney
- John my hairdresser @ headcase sydney who got me into Moroccan Hair Oil (my hair eats it) and Cloud 9 hair straighteners (Pretty much the only things i can attempt to attack my hair with if need be).
- Korres organic pepper jasmine geic wood and passion fruit eu de toilette yum
(Paid a visit to them in paris they also have good organic makeup remover wipes and tired leg cream with ginger in it!)
- Chanel's Sycomore (only in boutiques) thank to mum/tiff@chanel it smells amazing
- EPA/DHA liquid oils- alot more potent and easily assimilated (metagenics)
- Organic Red Ginseng-caps or tea- for energy and alot more (pukka organic botanicals uk)
- Acai/coconut water/green tea/berries frozen w yoghurt/spinach/seaweed/salmon/superfoods
- Roasted chicory or dandelion tea if u need a break from the cafe
- Liquid Vitamin B's
- HOT STUFF- chili/mustard/wasabi/ginger you name it i am a hot loving freek. And lemon/lime juice on food is a good alkalizer.
- Hot lemon water in the morning. If its a morning you can stomach it, its really good for you, your skin, you internal system, once again alkaline.
- Go Gluten Free. Gluten is the second worst thing for your body besides Simple Sugars. The body simple cannot ingest it and it stops your body from being able to absorb most vitamins and minerals from the good stuff..
- Hot baths- with salts/epsom salts if you want some detox power in the tub.
- Music-makes the world go round and is soul power. I think it is its own form of life even, thats why we dance with it.
- Flora Dora cocktail at the flinders sydney. I get with vodka and its ginger syrup soda lime rapberries, id say its good for you.
- A book- to write and write and write and write or read or draw or create.
- Camera with film or memory
- Good friends and fun and sun and love and peace out for now.
- SYDNEY. Still my favourite place in the world!



  1. So good. Want to try Pukka tea but there's none in aus.

    Oooh what about fav makeup? x x

  2. Some great advices from a wonderfull expert, I try to eat as much organic food as possible. I have also cut out all foods where i cant understand, or read, the ingredients

  3. Make up elle?
    I use dermalogica skin treatment foundation because it has nothing in it that clogs up and put crap into your skin. And special mineral powder makeup that is all natural and naturally sun protectant too!

    Pukka tea? i dont know!
    Yerba mate is excellent though too!
    Also i love the givenchy mascara with the little ball brush thing. Paw paw of course. and mac creme stuff in a dark brown colour for eyes...

    maria carolina good idea about the labels! also vrigin coconut oil is excellent for cooking and gooood for you! x