Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Like an annie d and rick marriage on a rainy tuesday in london with a black leather fuck off marant and cut off leather motorcycle gloves. Those little black italian leather ankle boots u found at gallery lafayette with minimal detailing and perfect wearing out.

When your wifeys faded light denim balmains blind your eyes. The dark detailing little cracks of depth that you can't imagine though, at what colour did that denim start at?

Put back with a tan margeila oversized jumper it is way tame. We have the leather and denim sundays and the misses thinks the denim on her side of her chanel shades counts!

All of a sudden its too much and we double back up with rick sheer old holy ripped long sleeves balmain stretchy leathers tights and more black. Vintage blazers. Hoodys. Beanys. Fox fur headbands and hoodys of those two. Which scarf do you want the fluffy or the long today babe? Boots or docs or those wangs? Winters coming black hole sun won't you come and wash away the rain.

Meow. Cherry x
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  1. duuuude like the hottest outfit on the planet... legend styles for sure.. this description is too good to be true