Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fly Like An Eagle--->

Time keeps on slipping
into the future

its true
gave me a thousand degree temperature the other night

i heard there is a burning man in australia
tick tock
april babes late april like anzac dayish
still heaps far away from today
how trippy is the music at the end of this song

pretty good for its time and pretty good for now still!

Went down the road last night to get a copy of Black Swan of my friend.
That didnt happen. Started my second book. Found one of the best kept secrets in Bondit actually also instead and i cant believe i'd never been there before!
Had some beef fahitas and a dirty martini with a good mate of mine.

Met this guy who claimed he knows Noel Feilding quite well, he was English.
I said no way thats awesome, so i @tted noel on twitter. He said you should send a direct message. I said you can only recieve those if your foloowing the person who sends it to you. Whatevs he said hes boring anyway> I said are you kidding i dont care hes a genius and makes really funny comedy. One of the only tv shows i have bothered watching in my time!!!!!

Dont watch it much anymore though ive watched every episode with my best mate in London alrea dy about 50 times!

Helmut magazine is almost out new issue. Launch tonight.
Cool mag. If your in Oz get one if not get one in a couple of weeks or something!

Heres some Boosh for ya.

hahaha freek how could he be boring i would like to trap him in the attick for a few hours! meow. x

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