Friday, February 18, 2011


Just a special mention to Pete and George @ the Suverin
Organic EVERYTHING FREE (sugar wheat dairy gluten)
Superfood junkie hangout in the Junction

Haha that is Bondi Junction Of Sydney if you are confused...
Which also is apparently the highest point of land in the city of sydney
So, no flooding there

They make concotions that will make u screw up your nose at the sight of
But once you really know every single ingredient thats in there
Especially Say the Green Super Smoothie
Itll blow your mind

Start of from Square One
and get your self a Coconut for 2 bucks

There is some interesting reading in there too....
Just nr the bus dept/centennial park
Hidden orange sign with a warpy lookin sun on it

Dont be scared of Pete just cos he remembers your name too
Hes just got too many brain cells working

Making my mouth water go and get a raw choccy for me im busy
No rest for the wicked
Londons calling bring bring xxxxxxxxxx+

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