Monday, January 31, 2011


Cara stricker thank you for reminding me of this phrase.
What do you punch into your skin?
So much excrutiating pain about love that the needle actually feels like nothing even compared to an acupuncture needle.
Not even.
Nothings even, nothings perfect and nothing makes sense. But in the same sense everything does.
Inspiration comes from everywhere but most of mine comes from love. And what a bitch love is. It makes you do stupid things, but also the most amazing things. Supposedly your supposed to be smart about it and go on about your life whilst you ride the rollercoaster. Not always easy, love is the excuse? Life is the excuse.
What's the point of a tattoo.. It is a point that's what it is. Its a point in time and a symbol of your point in that time in life done in your own form of "drawing". Permanent drawing.
Alcohol is a drug they say but I say love is the drug and it is the most harmful and the most addictive one EVER.
It comes in many forms yes. But you know the one I'm talking about. So intense it has more depth the the most pixilated form that can possibly be made of the most super duper kaleidoscope to exist.
So cheers to that and I shall shut my dark eyes and dream to seeing you soon.
"Princess"- says
Hello to February. Now 11 has definately begun.

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