Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I never thought my wish for an island to go to would evolve so soon.
This one is a start. Julian tobias has created some genius in the form of a floating barge on the sydney waters, not far from Rose Bay.
Saturday the 8th of January was quite a spectacle there. The celebration of Jaz Daly and Josh Goots birthdays. Two of the biggest legends I know.
Plus quite a few others to participate in the celebratory action. Full colour displays going off.
Turn it up time.
Coconuts with rum! Jump in if you get too hot.
Next can we take over the island that the island is parked near? Hope so!
Sydney is my favourite city in the world. Love love love.
Thank you michael azzolini for that cheek. Olly for being a freek. Queeny for rocking up with Saville in 100% Ksubi after being in sydney for just over a week.

2. "Turn it up". Heard enough of that one yet? Nope.
Cheers pauly.
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