Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Italians do it better?
I have never seen so many australian flags symbols turned into shirts, capes, tattoos and + stuck onto almost every person down in bondi.
People walking around with massive blow up haviana thongs attatched to the backs. Crazy.
"Am I seeing double"
Something was doubled and multiplied by hundreds when the record was broken in the ocean my the joined floating people making a record breaking H!
For some reason I felt it was appropriate to wear my I love paris t shirt, for reasons I cannot explain in english.
Hose downs were so necessary in that heat as soon as the fog lifted. As was a few jump ins at the beach for some intermissions. I guess there's only 5 words left to say, which seemd to be the theme for the day...
"Green is weirder than blue"
It doesn't make sense perhaps to you but I guess u had to be there. It is true though and stranger things have happened.
A tout suite. Happy 27th jan.
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