Thursday, January 20, 2011

Illegality @ Its Finest

Shooting on location in some crazy art warehouse, with my fav Vassalo, I come across this "half car with a barbeque under the bonnet". Genius. The whole studio was full of surprises and I got to wear some Ksubi sunnies MY way.
Proceeding a much "illegal wednesday"
Strolling down the boardwalk noticing the full moon behind the clouds was a sure sign that the wicked is not down for anything that is half fun.
Semi hot semi not today sure was a heat marathon and Fernando Frissoni makes some mad cowgirl leather.
Just keep rolling baby. Summertime is prime and the sun it does shine. Trampolines on the beach barefoot and brave, too many words on how to behave. Maybe its time to get the video camera out, because there is too much going on not to be documenting lifes treasure. After all there's a good reason to kick it when u got somethin to bring to the table. Make a u turn on the harbour bridge. Talking in code -autopilot mode.
Boom shake shake shake the room. Goons of doom ill be back soon.

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